Next Version of SharePoint available in 64 bit architecture only!

If you want to do the background reading that I’ve done on the subject it will be worth your while looking at

  1. Steve Smith’s Blog - link
  2. Microsoft’s TechNet Service Pack 1 documentation - link, and also mirrored on this site here
  3. Gary Bushey’s Blog - link
  4. .. and on the SharePoint User Group UK - here

All of this has definitely got me thinking about what specification our next farm server needs to be… and I’ll be pushing the Hardware guys at my company all the way now to make sure we get 64 bit hardware to satisfy the requirements of the next release of SharePoint.

Microsoft outlays the reasons for using a 64 bit architecture - here, however for those like me out there who are being asked to tighten the purse strings on hardware are having to make use of older 32bit machines, who’s original task was to host SharePoint versions 1 and 2. This all in all means I’m going to have to be one damn good salesman when I have this discussion with the people with the money :-D

The great thing is that this shouldn’t affect developers too much, so I’m happy… why you ask… well I use VMware visualizations extensively and it’s great to know that you can host a 64 bit guest on a 32 bit host - see here. I’m not sure whether Microsoft Virtual PC supports something similar, but my guess is if it doesn’t now, it will do in the future. VMware versions 5.5 upwards support this feature.

There are some things that you need to be aware of though, your host machine will need a supported CPU (and motherboard in some cases), personally I’d make sure you have an Intel chip for the following reasons, your 32 bit CPU must support the EM64T standard along with support for Intel VT (Virtualization Technology or Vanderpool Technology).

AMD chips do support this feature, but I’ve only tried this so far with Intel chips. You need to make sure your AMD supports the AMD 64bit virtualization feature (AMD-V for short)


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