Sophos IE8 add-on prevents IE8 from loading

Are you having trouble launching IE8 from the desktop icon, the application icon or start menu?

Are you only able to launch it in ‘Administrator’ mode.

Are you running Sophos 7.6.8 on Windows Vista?

The problem might be related to the Sohos add-on. It seems that if you disable it, IE8 returns to working order.

Go to Internet Options and the programs tab. Click on ‘Manage add-ons’

imageFigure 1: Internet Options in IE8

Now disable the Sophos Web Content Scanner

Figure 2: Add-on management

Restart all instances of the browser you have open.

Things should now be back to normal.

This is likely to have something to do with the other Sophos issues that are currently related to an update in the last week. See Sophos Antivirus on Windows Vista HP x64 not detected by Windows Security Centre.


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8 Responses to “Sophos IE8 add-on prevents IE8 from loading”

  1. Ben Says:

    Me again! Yep, I was having this problem, fixed it by disabling the add-on and then completely failed to remember to tell you about it earlier on in the week when the first trouble kicked in. I keep checking back to see the latest from Sophos - thanks for keeping in contact with them.

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  4. Graeme Says:


    had this problem on a couple of machines now. Tested it here any it works - now just need to roll this fix out to a whole load of other machines now!

  5. Sjeiz Says:

    Although I ran into this problem as well, I cannot believe you actualy think that disabling the AntiVirus plugin is an adaquate “fix”?

    Yes, it solves the problem for now, but what about being vulnerable????

  6. SpittingCAML Says:

    Sjeiz, there is no other alternative, unless you wish to switch to another AV, or another browser.

    Sophos should be rolling out the update in the next few weeks to solve the issue.


  7. Daniel Rose Says:

    June 24th, 2009 at 9:01 am

    “Sophos should be rolling out the update in the next few weeks to solve the issue.”

    It’s July 2011 now, two years on, we have the same problem.

  8. SpittingCAML Says:


    This problem has gone away for the majority of users. Could you provide a little more information about your issue? Sophos version number, OS details etc. ?

    I’d recommend you contact Sophos direct if you are a commercial customer.


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