Things you should know before you purchase K2 [blackpoint]

  • Only the enterprise version of K2 [blackpoint] will enable you to work with a distributed SharePoint farm (the SQL Server database can be on another server though)
  • It is not possible to deploy K2 [blackpearl] and K2 [blackpoint] on the same physical server
  • If you have multiple WFE for SharePoint, you need to buy an Enterprise license for each WFE
  • K2 [blackpearl] 904 will encompass all the new features available in K2 [blackpoint]

These are a few key points from: K2 blackpoint Licensing, Deployment Scenarios, and Support Information


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2 Responses to “Things you should know before you purchase K2 [blackpoint]”

  1. chris geier Says:

    One minor point You need to buy an enterprise licence for all K2 servers, not necessarily for each MOSS WFE (unless you decide to put a MOSS server on each WFE) Does this make sense?

  2. SpittingCAML Says:

    Ahh my bad Chris… I did link to the K2 site, so hopefully haven’t confused too many people.


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