Installing VMware Server 1.0.6-91891 on Vista x64 SP1

VMware unfortunately requires the installation of unsigned drivers.

Figure 1: vmnetbridge.sys

It also requires

  1. vmnewuserif.sys
  2. vmx86.sys
  3. hcmon.sys

There appear to be numerous fixes for this on the web

Reading between the lines, the only fix for SP1, is to click the ‘ignore driver signing’ option by mashing F8 on bootup, however I’ve tried this as still can’t get VMware server installed.

I will continue to investigate


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One Response to “Installing VMware Server 1.0.6-91891 on Vista x64 SP1”

  1. SpittingCAML Says:

    Update: it would appear that you are supposed to ignore the messages that pop up, however, if you want VMware server to work, you need to start windows in driver ‘unsigned’ mode each time you need to use VMware server…

    See: VMware communities forum

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