Another reason to ditch vanilla MOSS Workflow and create your own!

Its been a while since I can sit down and go through my blog subscriptions. One of note was also raised by Jason Apergis in his excellent MOSS Workflow history best practice article.

The 60 day automatic purge of workflow history! This has quite a big impact in lots of my organisations workflows. Perhaps we were a being naive in assuming that we could use the out of box or ‘vanilla’ behaviour of SharePoint history keeping.

Have a read of Dave Wollerman’s Blog, and his post entitled: Huge MOSS Workflow Issue… What is Microsoft Thinking!!!!

It seems this information has been common knowledge since last year, but its the first I have read of it!

Luckily, with K2 [blackpearl] and K2 [blackpoint] it is relatively easy to store your own historic information, with not too much of an overhead, either using SmartObjects or by storing it in a Custom List. The possibilities are endless.


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