InfoPath, K2 InfoPath or ASP.NET as your workflow forms technology?

Jason Apergis has done an excellent comparison on his blog: here

In my organisation we hit the limits with InfoPath 2003 pretty soon after starting to use it with K2 Workflows, mainly because of complicated user requirements that could not be implemented using InfoPath due to the lack of ability to code behind it and control every aspect of the form… K2 InfoPath brings in the tightly coupled SmartObject integration that creates a rule for each SmartObject method…. this is a real nightmare when you have ten or more of them to manage…. and then there’s the rules that go with them, that you can only edit by clicking through each one. I know which platform I’d choose, for my development team’s sanity! ASP.NET

Still, have a read of Jason’s blog, he’s opted for InfoPath as his organisation are very comfortable with using it.


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