The IISRESET alternatives for SharePoint developers…

Due to popular demand, I will expand on my IIS Reset "Friend or Foe" posting from the 1st of July 2008… in particular for those of you for copies of many SharePoint textbooks.

In front of me I’ve got a copy of Bill English’s Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrators Companion - an excellent book - I’d certainly recommend it to all SharePoint developers (yes, even developers should read this book!) and administrators

On pages 928 (installing a new feature) and 936 (updating an existing feature)… and in many other places… It is suggested that the developer performs an IISRESET following the stsadm installation command.

Now, I want to throw my hands up and question this… surely a simple recycle of the application pool would suffice?

I point you to these articles:

  • Joel Olsen’s alternatives to brute force IISRESET
    • Run From the command line (to perform a recycle!)

      /a "%SharePointAppPool%" /r

  • The recycle utility for SharePoint developers
  • Gustaf Westerlund’s Avoiding IIS Reset posting



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