Problems Experienced with Windows 2003 Server SP2

Having had a visit from the nice fella from K2 [blackpearl] we discovered that our present network set up had a few issues.

K2 requires that we have Kerberos enabled on our Active Directory, we spoke to the guys who head up our network infrastucture and they assured us that Kerberos was enabled, and a KDC was available. Brilliant… K2 should just work then… well…. no actually.

We think,….. and it’s a big *think* that because our Domain Controllers are running Windows 2003 Server SP1… whilst our servers run SP2 (… because MOSS 2007 requires this as a prerequisite)… there are some incompatability issues.

Itwould seem that services that run as “LOCAL SYSTEM” pre SP2, but now run as “LOCAL SERVICE” under SP2. This is screwing with our Windows Time Service…. the Kerberos tokens are then expiring and not being renewed. This results in K2 not functioning correctly as it needs Kerberos to work!

Please comment on any of this, as I may have got the wrong end of the stick!

It’s not an option right now to upgrade our entire server infrastucture to SP2…. there are of course… many implications, and we have many applications to support, not only MOSS and K2.

We’ll keep digging and hopefully get to the bottom of this


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