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Mobiion MagiCall

I’ve just started using this application today and it is a must have App for your Windows Smartphone.

Take a look at the sales pitch: here

I’m currently using it to block 08080000144 .. a phone number that constantly calls me during the day. It is supposed to be linked to vodafone in some way, but I don’t really know why they’d want to call me since I haven’t got any association with them in any way.

Still… I don’t care, they can call all they like as it is now set to block them :-)


What is (double)25 - (double)3.26 in .NET?

Well the answer should be 21.74…. and I don’t think it is an unreasonable bit of maths.

Here is what C# (.NET 3.5) tells me:

(double)25 - (double)3.26 = (double)21.740000000000002

Why the extra decimal places?

I’m pretty sure I remember lots of my Uni course where we talked about this lots in terms of lots of decimal values and the representation of numbers as binary, but it looks far too simple to me… (perhaps it is me that is simple!) :-)

I’ve tried using float and single, at it works fine…. I need the precision of double for certain aspects of the system.

Any help welcomed.


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