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Workflow Foundation… and delays

If you have tried to delay your WF workflow process, for example, when you want to wait until an InfoPath form is saved and available for read, you should take a look at Jason Apergis’s excellent posting on it.

DelayActivity Not Working and Creating Simple Escalation


Patrick Tisseghem

The SharePoint community mourns the loss of Patrick Tisseghem, MVP who passed away suddenly in Sweden on the 3rd September 2008. I have had the pleasure of reading his blog postings since I first called myself a SharePoint developer.

He wrote some of the most brilliant SharePoint material.

He was co founder of U2U who’s CAML Builder is one of the most useful development tools I have!

He wrote the book Inside SharePoint 2007, which is one of my most well used text books.

My condolences go to his family, friends and colleagues. :-(


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Why do SharePoint projects fail?

I can’t believe I only just found the time to read the ‘CleverWorkarounds’ guide to why SharePoint projects fail.

I suggest all you budding Project Managers take a close look, because between the many lines, there’s some key points. It’s nice to know that you aren’t the only person in the world doubting the complexity of a SharePoint solution.

Find the whole series of 8 parts, here… and many more interesting articles.

My favourite image from ‘CleverWorkarounds’ SharePoint project meltdown part 4!




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SPLookupField…. setting this in code

Many of you may have encountered the same challenge as me today… when you attempt to set the value of a lookup field in SharePoint through some C# or VB.NET code.

Matt Rantlett has written a great little helper function that will save the day!

Find it here: SPLookupField Helper function


Creating your SharePoint sites without having to use the rat*

*Rat - a term used by one of my university lecturers many years ago to refer to the ‘mouse’ peripheral. It made me laugh at the time, and it kinda stuck! The point I’m trying to make is that it seems to create a site with some customisation is an endless loop of point and click (In most cases where templates are not appropriate).

Hi there, it’s been a while since my last post, mainly due to the fact I seem to be working on so many different technologies, perhaps I am becoming a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Anyhow, I quite like the challenge of having to work with so many different technologies, and make them all work together!

So today I’ve been thinking about producing SharePoint sites through code. Its very easy to do this using K2 [blackpearl], but this project requires the bare minimum of custom install and set up.

farhanfaiz’s Weblog provided a good overview of how easy it is to create sites using C#. I’ve blogged on a previous occasion about site creation and maintenance in PowerShell, but as I need to do the creation inside a dot net application, I figured C# would be the best thing to use, since I know it better than PowerShell, and the rest of my team could perform maintenance on it in the future.

Here is a method you could use in your dot net applications

public static bool CreateSharePointSite(string parentURL,
                    string siteURLnode,
                    string siteTitle,
                    string siteTemplateName)
    bool successStatus= false
    using (SPSite siteCollection =
            new SPSite(parentURL))
        SPWeb parentWeb =
        SPWebTemplateCollection Templates =
        SPWebTemplate siteTemplate =
        parentWeb.Webs.Add(                    siteURLnode,
                    siteTitle, "", 1033,
                    siteTemplate, false, false);
        successStatus = true;
    return successStatus;

In fact, if you are going to be using the SharePoint Object Model for a medium to large size project, I would really recommend you order the Mindsharp SharePoint 2007 poster pack. It’s written by many experts and MVP’s we know and love! You need to become a registered member of their site before you can order the posters. I’m UK based and it took a few weeks to arrive, but the office is now covered in useful material to aid the developers navigate their way through the object model, an example shown below in Figure 1. These posters are FREE if you live in the US or Canada!


Figure 1: an example Mindsharp poster

I think the good starting point is with Microsoft itself with it’s example ‘Creating a Custom User Site Provisioning Solution with Office SharePoint Server 2007′

Good luck with your development, and please let me know if you have any pointers or best practice for me, and the SharePoint community.


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