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JScript and JavaScript… the asyncronous scripting languages that just refuse to die!

I’m not a big fan of JScript or JavaScript… but lately I’ve been using AJAX… I’ve been using lots of new functions, here is a reference for getElementsBy that is very well written.


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Backing up the K2 [blackpearl] SQL Server Database

I was about to write a long and detailed article on how to backup all the databases associated with a K2 [blackpearl] install… but then I discovered that someone had beat me to it!

So, for the Operations team in my department, here’s all you need to know: Database script to backup K2 databases from

It should also be noted here that it is essential that you back these databases up at the same frequency as you back up MOSS or Reporting Services databases to maintain the synchronisation if your server farm fails.


SAP and K2 [blackpearl] talking as if they were old friends!

Exciting news! Well… at least it is for me. My organisation are about to roll out a SAP based Enterprise Resource Planning system

It seems the clever guys at K2 have their fingers on the pulse… check out K2 Connect, a K2 architecture to talk to SAP!

thanks goes to A Consulting Technologist’s Web [of thoughts] for alerting me to this news!


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We’ve uncovered a little version-ing featurette in SharePoint 2007

When you copy a document from one document library to the other using K2 [blackpearl] or using standard SharePoint code, you’ll find that the previous versions of the document are not present in the new location.

Jason Apergis found this out back in 2007 and published a neat little work-around: here

Excellent stuff…. a colleague of mine, has also published his ideas on a workaround to this issue: here. I just can’t believe Microsoft let this one exist in the final product :-)


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K2 [blackpearl] Book available in September 2008

I thought it would be worth a posting on here as I myself am waiting for the first K2 [blackpearl] book, and I’m sure many of the people that visit my blog will feel the same.

Author: Chris Geier
Paperback: 600 pages
Publisher: Wrox (September 9, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470293055
ISBN-13: 978-0470293058

Book: Professional K2 [blackpearl]

Can’t wait till September… I just hope that stock it as soon as the .com amazon.


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Authentication and the SharePoint ServiceObject

I’ve had a pretty hard time over this particular issue… put it this way, a deadline has slipped on us, probably because with all things new and untested have that unknown element about them… this was the first time that we’ve introduced Kerberos authentication into the loop as our development and staging environments have all the necessary components in one installation, on one machine.

Figure 1 - the configuration

Having followed the K2 [BlackPearl] Kerberos guide I was confident that the three servers would talk to each other without a hitch.

How wrong was I! After checking all the logs and doing some further investigation I concluded that there must be something amiss with the configuration. It’s strange though as there was no evidence of failed Kerberos authentication, but there was evidence of use of the NT AUTHORITY\anonymous user being used.

Problems first arose when I couldn’t get impersonation to work on the SharePoint service broker

Figure 2: adding a SharePoint service instance (K2 Workspace on Machine A)

Notice in Figure 2 that the impersonate option is checked.

Figure 3: error message - The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorised connecting to MOSS running on Machine A (K2 Workspace on Machine A)

This shows that Machine A has rejected the impersonate option on it… but why?

Figure 4 - K2 Server running on Machine C 

A quick look at the K2 Server console running on Machine C . Nothing conclusive here, but a quick scan on the Security tab on Machine A shows that somewhere in the pipeline the NT AUTHORITY\anonymous user has got in the loop.

I carried on with the install of our workflows, leaving the impersonate option unchecked, which meant the service instance could be added. This meant that the deployment of the workflows was a success, but upon testing, the workflows failed to connect to the SmartObjects that utilise the SharePoint service object that failed to impersonate.

What could we have done wrong in our configuration? I’ve checked the SPNs, and it seems to be fine, and users are able to authenticate with the K2 Server with Kerberos….. but why aren’t they able to authenticate with the SharePoint service object?

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that someone out there has had this problem before!


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