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SharePoint Training

At the moment, i’m attending a Combined Knowledge course (well, in the middle of one… they don’t expect us to be working much past 5pm… :-)).

SharePoint 2007 Developers Track…

Why am I attending? Well, my company are rolling out SharePoint technologies everywhere at the moment, and as a developer, i’m expected to be able to *do stuff* with SharePoint.

The course has been excellent so far, with detail that you wont be able to gleam from books…. yet.

Details of the course can be found here

I’ll be heading back to the office on Monday, fresh with ideas and techniques to provide neater and more efficient solutions to our customers.


SharePoint 2007 Developer’s Track Course Details

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The beginning of an adventure

Hi All,

this will be my first attempt at “technical” blogging… I’m not sure how well this will cope with me copying and pasting my code examples, but I will try and make it work as well as I can.

Friendly advice on Wordpress best practices would be much appreciated


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Hello world!

I’m here… i’ve made it as far as creating the database and the WFE

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