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Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

It was a great pleasure today, to receive my first formal qualification since I left University. I am now an official Chartered IT Professional.

CITP Medal

In order to maintain my CITP status I need to continually develop my skill set, which is good news for my blog… as I will continue to have lots of interesting things to write.

Find out about becoming a CITP yourself: here

I would highly recommend it, as it really helps you to understand what you may or may not have achieved so far in your career.

SpittingCAML BSc (hons) CITP MBCS MIET

I promise it’s the last time I EVER sign off like that!

… thinking about the future

Steve Clayton is a legend (CW IT Blog award winner 2008), and he’s gone and done it again with another post about the future!

Read his post, and traverse the links to see what the future might bring us.

I particularly like the presentation material produced by Steven Elop, President of the Microsoft Business Division.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Amazing stuff! Check out the slide deck: here


Edit your images on the web!?

Not normally what I blog about, but I was very impressed with what this particular web application can do, without a single plug in. That’s right, you can edit your images, with no plug ins (well, okay you need Adobe Flash), thanks to pixlr. Developed by some geniuses in Sweden, its certainly good enough to produce pictures for your blog or simple web site as shown below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Loading and editing of images using the browser of your choice 



I’ve just discovered technorati…. yes I know I’m about 6 years behind the curve…. but now I’ve seen the light.

This nice Swiss army knife of blog reading allows you to search all blogs written by absolutely anyone in one hit.

See all the K2 blog posts here

A nifty automatically updated chart showing the number of K2 [blackpearl] postings over the last 30 days!


Merry Christmas

Wishing each and every person a merry christmas on this special day.. that we unwrap our goodies forget to read the manual and wish we’d bought two bags full of batteries.


The beginning of an adventure

Hi All,

this will be my first attempt at “technical” blogging… I’m not sure how well this will cope with me copying and pasting my code examples, but I will try and make it work as well as I can.

Friendly advice on Wordpress best practices would be much appreciated


Hello world!

I’m here… i’ve made it as far as creating the database and the WFE

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