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Networking at breakfast

It was only my second visit to Cardinal Place near Victoria Station, but I still managed to get lost by virtue of the six or seven exits from victoria tube/railway station! It’s a really amazing building, a glass sculpture! No Microsoft signs are to be seen until you get inside, which I suppose is a good thing, otherwise you’d have people walking in off the street to ask why Vista doesn’t work on their laptop :-D. Also, an excellent breakfast that would impress even the most cynical of IT professional ;-)

Thanks to all those who put together today’s breakfast seminar, whilst I’d seen most of what was presented before, it was nice to talk to lots of like minded developer/analyst types who are going through the same things as my organisation. I’m a strong believer that networking is what allows IT professionals to really consider the bigger picture, organisations the size of mine tend to suffer from ‘group think’… and being stuck in one particular industry taints your view of the world. I certainly enjoyed hearing the views of a ‘change manager’ from a well known publishing company, and talking to some people heavily involved in the world of ‘people security’. Great stuff :-)

I especially enjoyed discussing the gray area between what BizTalk Server can offer and what the K2 product set offers.

Harsha (SOA and Process Platform Technical Specialist) from Microsoft discussed the plans for the future in the realms of business process management, and amongst the overarching strategies of ‘cloud’ computing, there was a strong message of community involvement in making business process management something we will all be doing in our sleep in the not so distant future. K2 (and dynamyx) will continue to forge a strong partnership with Microsoft to leverage their technology stack, and to utilise existing infrastructure such as SAP, BizTalk, Microsoft Office, SharePoint and WSS.

Special thanks to Gabriel Malherbe (Dynamyx) who took the time to show me how BizTalk was being used in his demo workflow, and also to Ruan and Rye from K2 for taking the time to discuss our future  organisational requirements.

Gabriel is also involved in the writing of the first K2 book. I first blogged about it in March 2008, its been delayed till early next year due to wanting to include as many useful chapters as possible. It will certainly be on my amazon wish list. The number of authors has also grown since March, and I’m pleased to see that Sergio del Piccolo and Jason Apergis are also in the mix, as I’ve been reading their blogs since I first got a taste of K2 [blackpearl].

If you didn’t make it to this seminar, I’m sure there will be more opportunities in the future, but you missed out on the snazzy K2 USB Stick, which contained the slide deck from today… I will be presenting those to colleagues over the next week or so.. Very useful :-D

… also, for those who don’t know (and I was one of those people)… there are plans for the K2 User group in the UK. Hopefully I will find out more in due course… I wouldn’t mind getting involved in that!


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