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Learn from Microsoft and K2 how Nissan drive more productivity from SAP

I thought I’d share with you an exciting seminar from Microsoft/K2/Nissan and Dynamyx on how to leverage your SAP system.

It will be run on the 10th December 2008, Time: 14:00 – 17:30   Venue: Radisson Edwardian Hampshire (Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LH)

Unfortunately due to other commitments I wont be able to attend this seminar, however I will certainly recommend this to my colleagues and to people involved with business process management and enterprise resource planning. If your organisation uses SharePoint, BizTalk and SAP then you already have the foundations for providing an integrated and flexible system for process and resource management.

SAP - a leading enterprise resource planning system provider

Microsoft and K2 would like to invite you to an afternoon session of presentations and networking to help you further your SAP investment. After refreshments and a welcome from your hosts you will gain an insight into how Microsoft works closely with SAP and their future strategy as partners.

Marco Manuello, (Enterprise Technical Specialist - Microsoft) talks about the Microsoft Strategy for SAP integration.

Nissan - market leading car manufacturer

Nissan enhanced their productivity with workflow and SAP linking to enable updates, amends and automatic postings with limited user intervention.

Dynamyx - a leading Workflow/Enterprise Management/BPM solutions provider.

This session will be hosted by the Dynamyx Business analyst (Meyer Prinsloo), who will explain the business drivers and processes involved, the project manager sharing experiences gained in delivering the solution across the region, and the systems architect who will present details on how to achieve scalability when linking workflow to SAP.

The event will end with networking and drinks to wish you all the best of the season with the backdrop of the night time city view.

For more information and/or to register to attend this event call 0870 166 6628 or click here to register online.

Please let me know how things go if you attend….



Taking the user to a different habitat

My organisation runs some Linux based applications, and users are generally confused when it comes to the interface and usability.

An interesting experiment has been carried out… let an average user loose on Ubuntu (a particularly popular flavour of Linux…. possibly raspberry)… and compare what they can do in Windows based OS with what they can do with the Linux based OS. You can read the experiment in detail: here

The article shows that Ubuntu is harder to use by the average user, but using unfamiliar software will always be a challenge, for even a hardened IT professional… trust me, I’ve had to submit a time sheet and an expense claim in SAP!…

Well worth a read.


SAP and K2 [blackpearl] talking as if they were old friends!

Exciting news! Well… at least it is for me. My organisation are about to roll out a SAP based Enterprise Resource Planning system

It seems the clever guys at K2 have their fingers on the pulse… check out K2 Connect, a K2 architecture to talk to SAP!

thanks goes to A Consulting Technologist’s Web [of thoughts] for alerting me to this news!


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