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What is (double)25 - (double)3.26 in .NET?

Well the answer should be 21.74…. and I don’t think it is an unreasonable bit of maths.

Here is what C# (.NET 3.5) tells me:

(double)25 - (double)3.26 = (double)21.740000000000002

Why the extra decimal places?

I’m pretty sure I remember lots of my Uni course where we talked about this lots in terms of lots of decimal values and the representation of numbers as binary, but it looks far too simple to me… (perhaps it is me that is simple!) :-)

I’ve tried using float and single, at it works fine…. I need the precision of double for certain aspects of the system.

Any help welcomed.


Migration to STRATO

Well, it’s almost the new year, and I now officially have a new hosting provider.

The promise of an automatic migration from Lycos Web hosting to STRATO never materialised, resulting in a few days, possibly three of downtime.

I’ve now got things back in order and normal service can resume - in the new year :-)


Credit crunch hits Lycos Europe N.V

It is a sad day to learn that your trusty webhosting company is about to cease operation.

I’ve had a website and blog with Lycos Webhosting since 2002! They have been by far the most reliable email/website provider that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

You can read the details: here

I’ll be assessing my options and perhaps be looking to get a .NET compatible webhosting provider.

The first news that I eagerly await is, to see if Lycos will offer an automated migration of this blog and its contents.

A sad day indeed.


I’m a PC! …. are you?

Add yourself to the Microsoft campaign with a picture and why you are a PC.

This is random I know… but it’s all good fun :-D




My Picture is now live!


The end of an era!

No… nothing to do with the fact that America have elected their first African American president.

Windows 3.x has finally been put to rest, and will be no more.

Read more here:

The end of an era - Windows 3.x


Patrick Tisseghem

The SharePoint community mourns the loss of Patrick Tisseghem, MVP who passed away suddenly in Sweden on the 3rd September 2008. I have had the pleasure of reading his blog postings since I first called myself a SharePoint developer.

He wrote some of the most brilliant SharePoint material.

He was co founder of U2U who’s CAML Builder is one of the most useful development tools I have!

He wrote the book Inside SharePoint 2007, which is one of my most well used text books.

My condolences go to his family, friends and colleagues. :-(


Where I’m at!

Well… the long and short of it is that I’ve been away on holiday and haven’t got round to writing any blog postings lately.

Keep watching for the review of the K2 Admin course plus my research into Visualisation Technologies… and how much it’s going to cost my team and I in cost and effort.


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